How To Buy A Budget Custom Gaming Computer From in India

Updated: Apr 19

So are you thinking of building a gaming PC that is one of the cheapest gaming computer in 2020. You may want to build a computer for gaming because in today's world everybody plays games little or more. And you may have seen somebody play a computer game and you were like ' I want to play that too'.

So I am going to show you a way to get yourself a gaming computer under 27,000 INR (US $350). So, basically we are going to buy, not build, a pre-built PC from Bitkart, which is an Indian brand that allows us to buy pre-built PC as well as customized PC.

Since we are going to play games on this computer, it must have processing power as well as graphical power to run the games. So we start with the computer specifications. We will use AMD Ryzen 3 3200G as it is a very low cost processor with integrated graphics. A motherboard from MSI that will run the processor, 8GB RAM, Gaming Cabinet and powerful PSU are some basic things we are using.

Specification of the PC we are building:
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G (Rs. 7690)

  • Motherboard: MSI B450M PRO-M.2 MAX (Rs.6290)

  • RAM: Adata XPG D4 8GB (Rs.3290)

  • Cabinet: Ant-Esports ICE-200TG Rs.(2850)

  • PSU: Antec BP450P (Rs.2500)

  • Storage[HDD]: WD Blue 1TB (Rs. 3190) [No SSD]

  • USB Adapter: Rs.650

Total : 26,460 INR

So, this specs is fine to run games like GTA V, PUBG LITE, Watchdogs 2 , Assassins Creed Unity, Crisis 3, Far Cry Primal etc.

Lets begin with the buying process. You have to visit there website( and go to the section called Custom Rig. You will see a page appears with heading 'Custom Rig'. Now select option marked as 'Usage' and select 'Gaming Rig'. As you select, new option will pop. Now select all the parts that we decided in above list. You also can select 'custom mods' and buy Windows OS, but we will go with the trial version. After that click 'Buy Now'.

It will add the product to your cart. You can now checkout it from the cart.

You have to enter your shipping address, contact information etc. You may pay it by UPI, NEFT, Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery or EMI (using Razorpay).

After successful order, you will receive a mail from Bitkart, they may even call you for confirmation.And your PC will be delivered as fast as possible.

All the best with your brand new and ultra budget gaming computer.